With GamePLAI every on field event can become a market

About GamePLAI

Through machine learning and real time technology we create new markets that enable sports entertainment and betting companies to offer experiences that drive fan engagement.

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Power your sportsbook seamlessly with easy to integrate bet frames

With customisable components to match your branding, offer new markets on your platform while we handle all rapid market odds generation and market freezing.

Out-of-the-Box Web Components

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Machine Learning Based Automation

Our Markets Engine API is built upon a flexible AI framework that turns data into predictions in real time.

With sub second delivery, GamePLAI takes care of market operations, creation and suspension.


White-label social gaming solution

Offering small contests and short game times, these Social Games increase excitement and allows players to chat and consume sports all in one location.

Available to demo now:

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Bet Prompts

Stimulate betting activity with timely data driven insights. 


Simulated Reality

Dead period - don’t worry, engage your customers with our simulated reality games. 

Using historic data and Artificial Intelligence we create exciting scenarios to play out the last minutes of simulated matches. This allows gameplAi to offer 24/7 gaming so there is always action available. 

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