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What Will Happen Next?

Our Markets Engine is built upon a flexible AI framework that turns data into predictions in real time.

Fully cloud hosted, we take a raw data feed, engineer it to extract the most predictive features and calculate current odds based on historic data using a range of Machine Learning techniques. 







Real Time Data


Who will score next?

Who will shoot next?

Number of corners?

Number of free kicks?

Full parameterised we can adjust our framework to produce real time odds for any market.

All accessible through API, power your real-time sports and media offerings through GamePLAI. 


Whats the next event?

Teams next basket type?

Players next basket type?

Drive Outcome

Plate Outcome

Drive Yards

Pitch Outcome

Number of three points?

Number of free throws?

Play Yards

QB next play

Number of fouls?

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